Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gear Selector Problem

Before I dismantled the bike is was apparent that only two gears and a neutral could be selected in the gearbox. I'm not familiar with these bikes so I sort of work it out as I go. But I'm a bit stumped with this. The gear selector lever operates a shaft which extends through to the clutch side of the engine. This shaft the operates a pawl which rotates the shaft that selects the gears. The problem is that the shaft that the pawl operates appears to be either incorrectly assembled or missing a part. I'm not sure. The parts book is a little vague on how it should look.

The Pawl mechanism pulls or pushes on the pins that protrude from the shaft end. See how one of the pins does not protrude. I have an idea that it should however I'm not sure. The parts book doesn't help. Any ideas? I've posted on a few websites however no one seems to be able to assist. I may have to take this to a specialist however the one I use is very good but very unreliable. It could take months to get the engine back.

TA Clutch Basket

As is usual with unknown bikes there always seems to be another problem or two....or three.

The clutch was very heavy when operated so with the engine out it was time to examine it.
The tabs of the basket are very worn and this is probably causing the plates to stick when the clutch lever is operated. Now I could file them flat again however it is extremely unlikely that I would get each one flat and in the same position regarding the clutch plates. This would of course mean that I would be getting more pressure on some of the tabs and little on others. This would end in tears as the tabs that have more pressure would probably break and cause more to fail and then you have a bike travelling fast with lots of bits of metal flying around in the clutch. So I'm trying to source another basket or get this one professionally machined by someone who knows what they're doing.